In The Middle Of The Night // Within Temptation (Award Winning)

By: kawakiman


Uploaded on June 05, 2011 by kawakiman Powered by YouTube

Contains consistent flashing, and epileptic viewers should be advised not to
watch if they are sensitive to this kind of material.
UPDATE: Won 3rd Place in Technical category for FFVV's Contest 2011
Hello again everyone! This is my new video about Massive Mulitplayer Online games, a genre rarely touched upon by other editors, and even myself! The song is in the Middle of the Night by Within Temptation, however it has been cut down for a more concise and packed trailer and also I used a song from their new album once again because it is just so good! So here it is an MMO mix that includes:

World of Warcraft
Lineage I & II
Guild Wars
The Secret World
Final Fantasy XIV

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