Geoffrey Rush Hunger Games: Bonnie Anne Meets Casper

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The Story: Bonnie Anne picks up her prescriptions that were prescribed by Doctor Lance Pickering in the previous video.She also meets Loinel Louge, but we're after Casper, so that's why the title only says "...Meets Casper," instead of "...Meets Casper and Loinel Louge." Credits go to all of the owners, especially, The Geoffrey Rush Fan Club Facebook Group ( & RushyLove ( Notes: Don't do what Bonnie Anne & Casper did in this video. Remember Children: "Drugs are bad." Notes Not in This Video: I do actually have to take meds for what Bonnie Anne took in this video, so...sorry about this video, Doctors. Your Turn: If you dearly miss a Geoffrey Rush character that I haven't put in this series of videos, then PLEASE, feel free to make one & send it to me in a comment, video response, message, or any way, shape, or form that is best for you to contact me. And Remember: Have fun & enjoy! :) ;) :D ;D
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