Science of Sin Ep 16: Medical Marijuana

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SUBSCRIBE! Episode 16: Marijuana might be your personal medicine - but can it actually treat disease? Facebook: Twitter: Music by and Sound effects by bennychico11 and jlozano at The pictures from Wikimedia Commons and are public domain or by DarkEvil and Tagarcia3. Sources: Margaret Haney, Professor of Clinical Neurobiology and Associate Director of the Substance Use Research Center, Columbia University; Director of Marijuana Research Laboratory, New York State Psychiatric Institute Marilyn Huestis, National Institute of Drug Abuse Julie Holland, M.D. The Pot Book, A Complete Guide To Cannabis: Its Role In Medicine, Polititcs, Science, And Culture. Park Street Press, 2011. Sean McAllister, Scientist, California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute Copyright © 2012 Herra Productions, LLC. All rights reserved
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