2000GT TOYOTA MF10 You Only Live Twice 007

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2000GT (not the GT) was jointly developed with Yamaha Motor, the type of sports car in the Toyota brand Lim...
2000GT (not the GT) was jointly developed with Yamaha Motor, the type of sports car in the Toyota brand Limited from 1967 to 1970 Yamaha commissioned to produce. The Model "MF10". Production Full-scale commercial vehicle production, which was entrusted to Yamaha. Body painting process of engine assembly welding sheet metal assembly is done by hand with a new factory in Iwata City, Building No. 09 Yamaha, Shizuoka, FRP plant species Part Arai (Arai-cho Hamana-gun) manufacturing The relationship between the interior panel instrument manufacturer in Japan, the press body is working as a motorcycle manufacturer in the 1950s, into a subsidiary of Yamaha Kitagawa auto industry (car industry after Yamaha, Yamaha absorption April 1993 merger) is in charge. Release Price [edit] The 2000GT was priced at 238 million yen, which have two luxury cars Toyota Crown and expensive to buy about six popular Corolla car. Starting salary for graduates is largely in Japan from 1967 was 26,000 yen, 1,500 million yen in the early 21st century equivalent to 2,000 million yen sense for the common people are very expensive car unimaginable respectively. Pricing is unworkable cost still too time-consuming production, sales were always in deficit recorded throughout all production. Toyota's "expensive advertising costs," was also to say. Minor change [edit] Late-type In August 1969, two years after the start of commercial, minor changes were made. 2000GT is earlier than the early type of this minor product (July 1969 to May 1967) and subsequent late type (from August 1970 production in October 1969) is divided into. 2300GT? [Edit] Inline six-cylinder SOHC 2.253cc through formal generic names are commercially available products from the production engine is not known model has not been announced. To distinguish it from the market model 2000cc, 2300GT and magazines and enthusiasts in the name of the official name has not. The exhibition is currently owned by Toyota Motor (see below) TOYOTA2000GT vehicle emblem is attached specification and it has been exported from the 2000GT and it has been, 2000GT 2300cc model, named, or "2000GT "As with SOHC2300cc DOHC2000cc was thought to be planning to 併売 of the two models. Nissan 180SX in these cases as well, 180 represents the amount that means the engine displacement 1800cc, 2000cc common name in minor changes to the 180SX was sold as a continuation. Crown and engine specifications Corona Mark II was then shipped to North America built on the twin 2M Sorekkusutsuinchokukyabureta three types based on 2M-B is equipped with an engine. Model is MF12L in there theories MF12L-from 100001 MF12L-are all made something in the chassis number to nine a total of 100 009, of which MF12L-100002 is in Koto Ward, Tokyo owned by Toyota Motor MEGAWEB (Megauebu) that history is on display in the garage, and the Toyota USA Automobile Museum MF12L-100006 are on display. This development is underway in the form proposed for the Yamaha Motor, is also considered as a full-scale production of low-cost version of the U.S. market, the market will eventually rebound inside the Toyota suffered major is reached. Car magazine and Out, "about 10 are present in America" has been introduced. Production volume [edit] Deficit continued production from the decision of adequate leadership role and image production ended in 1970. 337 cars were produced in three years and three months from May 1970 until August 1967.