Fitna The Unbearable Truth Part 1 OF 2

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The Dutch Parliament Member GEERT WILDERS did alot of hard work for insulting Islam Through his Voice,
his Action, his deeds. But who can afford the displeasure Of Almighty Allah. The facts that Geert Wilders presented
in his movie were not quite accurate. Following are the Giant and Stupid mistakes made by Geert Wilders:

1) The Verses of the Quran and it's meaning were totally wrong. He gave half of the verses which was not quite fair
to the Quran. Suppose I say:" Kill him wherever You May Meet him if you feel that he may kill you."
if someone quotes my word sayin that "Anas Habib Says that "KILL HIM WHEREVER YOU MEET HIM"" than
it would not be fair with me! because i had said that only if you feel that he will kill You!!!
2) He insulted our Prophet (SAW) by making his cartoon and putting a bomb on his head which explodes at the
end of the movie than he says that "Why Muslims Want to Kill me??" EXCUSE ME!!!!
Let's Suppose if someone insults your mother in whole world by simply just drawing her cartoon and
putting the bomb over her head and it just explodes away, then what will you do? Ask your heart
wouldn't you kill the culpret.. Surely if you will not kill him than you will be not a good son,
or a son who just watches her mother being insulted and says "Oh dont worry!!!"
Well , Our prophet (S.A.W) is just like our parent who cared not just for the muslims but
the non-muslims as well.
3) Third thing is that, He gave the event of 9/11 as a muslim terrorism but what a grief it is not
prooven till now that muslims are the culpret even the footages shown on the CNN of Osama were
prooven to be Fake.
4) And he also says that Islam isn't religon of Peace well Mr. tell me that is Christianity a religon of peace
if it is then Why America has grown 80% in crime rate and is killing people by their militant forces
all over the World. And Jews!!! well tell me if they are the Peaceful people so why do they say that Only
Jews have the right to go to heaven and more unjust is the thing that no one can be converted into
a jew!!!!. ASK YOUR HEART ARE THESE PEACEFUL RELIGONS???? If Yes than observe yourself Saudi Arabia
The Centre of Islamic State has got 10% of the cime rate since 1400 years! when ou prophet (S.A.W)
5) Ok, now the part for the rights of women. Often people ask that why do you keep women in cover??
Well, the simple answer is that : Tell me that In a jewllery shop why do the shopkeeper keeps
the cheap jewls outside his shop As a show-piece ,,,, because he knows even if they are stolen it
brings no loss to him BUT!! for the other jewls which are expensive he keeps them in locker where no
one could steal them or see it, only a serious buyer would see it and touch it because if
these jewls would be stolen then it would be a trouble for the Jeweller"
In the same way our Women are the most precious for us and your women who are not under a cover
are just like those cheap jewls.

Thats all for today watch the movie NO OFFENSE!!!

For the Muslims !!!!! please spread this movie till the non-muslims realize "WHO IS THE TERRORIST?"

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