"JOKOWI DAN BASUKI" - What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction (PARODY)

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Ini bukan kampanye, hanya curahan hati sekelompok simpatisan yang mewakili masyarakat yang rindu perubahan ...
Ini bukan kampanye, hanya curahan hati sekelompok simpatisan yang mewakili masyarakat yang rindu perubahan di Jakarta. Enjoy! lirik: Bel berbunyi / My alarms ring Pagi-pagi / in the morning Masi ngantuk, kututup mataku lagi / I'm still sleepy, gotta close my eyes for a blink Kuteringat / I recall that Harus Cepat / I must be fast Janji buat KTP di Lurah terdekat / Go to lurah nearby to renew my ID card Dari ranjang ku langsung melompat / Right from the bed I jump immediately Kusiap secepat Kilat / Getting ready A-S-A-P Namun terhentak ketika kumelihat / Falling astonished in the minute I find out Ratusan orang dijalanan yang padat / Hundreds of people taking on the jammed road Motor mobil gerobak pun saling sikat / Cars, motorbikes, wagon, all fight for their path out Gimana / In what way Ah ah / Ay.. Ay.. Caranya gua lewat? / can I go across the way? Kok slalu macet kayak gini / How come it's always this trafficky? Udah lama kok gak bisa diatasi / It's been so long, can't the solvers be in hurry? Katanya pada mau buat MRT / They said they were going to build an MRT ** Tau gini / If I knew this Ih ih / I is Gua pindah ke bali / I would have moved to Bali ih ih / ih ih Eh malah macet di s'manggi / Instead I'm stuck in Semanggi (notorious for its traffic jam) Ti-tiga jam / Three, THREE hours! Ku di jalan / Trip of ours Tiba di kantor lurahnya kebablasan / Arrives in lurah's office, after getting lost Keringatan / Sweating like horse Capek Pisan / Tired, oh gosh Tambah kaget kulihat panjangnya antrian / Hugely surprised when I see how darn long the queue was Jakartaku kok bisa begini? / My Jakarta, how come you are like this? Antri nggak berhenti-henti / Lining up without sign to cease Ku duduk bersama tiga puluh orang / I sit in waiting line with thirty applicants Kipas-kipas kita semua kepanasan / Fanning ourselves, we all were hot and unpleasant Keringatanpun mulai bercucuran / Sweat starts trickling all over from our sweat gland Dimana / At what place Ah ah / Ah ah Petugas kelurahan? / are lurah* officers here? Akhirnya muncul satu orang / At last come out one man shows his face Wajahnya garang dengan kumis yang panjang / Ferocious grimace with long, space-wasting mustache Katanya buat kelar butuh tiga bulan / He tells it will need three months to finish the process Asalkan / "Unless ya... Ah An / Ah ah Kalau Kasih Setoran / ...hand a sum to grease my palms." Ah An / Ah ah Duit gua pas-pasan / I got insufficient fund ._. Du du du du duit dari mana? / "Where Where Where will I get cash from? Ketinggalan dirumah / It's left behind in my room." Katanya ku datang besok saja / He tells me to try come back tomorrow Mulutkupun ternganga / He gets my mouth wide open Jakartaku kok bisa kejam begini / My Jakarta, how come you are so cruel like this? Macet kumuh brantakan ga kenal hari / Street jammed, soiled, disordered, going day by day Kiri kanan setoran ga berhenti-henti / In every place, payoff does not seem to cease Kubutuh / I do need Uh uh / eh ed Kubutuh mas Jokowi / I do need Mas*** Jokowi Ku mau macet jakarta teratasi / I do want Jakarta's street jams to be solved Ku mau kumuh jakarta diberesi / I do want Jakarta's slum places to be handled Jangan lagi setoran kanan dan kiri / No longer bribery taking place here and there Ku mau / I do want Uh uh / ah ant Jokowi dan Basuki / Jokowi dan Basuki Ku mau banjir diberesin / I do want flooding to be handled Anggaran pembangunan gak dicomotin / Development fund is not going to be slipped Rakyat miskin juga bisa diayomin / Impoverished townsmen also to be assisted Ku mau / I do want Uh uh / Ah ant Ku mau mas Jokowi / I do want mas Jokowi Ih ih / Ih ih Juga mas Basuki / Also mas Basuki Ih ih / Ih ih Jokowi dan Basuki / Jokowi and Basuki * "Lurah" is a district headman ** MRT refers to Jakarta's monorail train; an unfinished project—suspected due to great corruption in its development fund—for Jakarta's mass transportation. Its pylons now litter the streets of Jakarta. Semanggi is one of the most crowded points in Jakarta, known for its shopping centres. They imply that they are caught on Semanggi's traffic jam. *** Mas is the Javanese word for big bro. Instead of 'Mister', Jokowi uses a more friendly term to address himself in campaign. and yes, we did this voluntarily.... Original Song: What Makes You Beautiful Original Artist: One Direction Recording Label: Sony Music International credit to mr Toto yang sudah membuat lirik parody dari lagu What makes you beautiful oleh One direction and tribute to okihita for the excellent English translation, original taken from his blog: *******okihita.wordpress****/2012/08/27/jokowi-basuki-viral-youtube-campaign/#comment-242 link mp3: *******www.sendspace****/file/sjublz Produced, Directed by CAMEO and Friends *******youtube****/cameoproject TWITTER: *******twitter****/cameoproduction