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---READ--- Bassist Video Up! ***********/watch?v=EWB4TtbIaXA Okay. I've gotten a lot of feed...
---READ--- Bassist Video Up! ***********/watch?v=EWB4TtbIaXA Okay. I've gotten a lot of feedback. Personally i did completely forgot about many great drummers: Danny Carey of Tool Lars Ulrich of Metallica (HOW COULD I DO THAT!?) Buddy Rich Bryan Mantia of Primus I understand a lot of people don't like some picks i made. *cough... Travis Barker, Joey Jordison, The Rev... cough* Look if i didn't rush this video Travis Barker and The Rev wouldn't be on here. As for Joey, he is a great drummer. I'll keep em. Dave Lombardo was very low rated. My bad. Yoshiki Hayashi was rated too high. More videos coming soon. Guitarists, Bassist, and whatever i feel like. Feel free to rip more on my opinion! :{D