Douglas Skyraider - The "BIG IRON" Beast of Warbirds !

By: octane130


Uploaded on April 19, 2008 by octane130 Powered by YouTube

This video is of "Big Iron" Douglas Skyraiders as they appeared at various airfields in Southern California. Big, bad and ugly, these rugged and L-O-U-D warbirds were also affectionally known during the Vietnam war as "Sandys" or "Spads." Although designed as a Naval aircraft, they were utilized by both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force during Vietnam.

The mighty Wright R-3350, 18-cylinder, twin-row radial powers this beast. This thing burns more oil per hour than your automobile burns gasoline. Not exactly environmentally friendly, as you can see at the startup. If you could do real-time mapping of the earth's ozone holes, there would be a Skyraider right at the center of each one, ha!

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