Haifa Wehbe & Faiz Al Saeed "Tedry Laish" English Subtitles تدري ليش هيفاء وهبي [18+]

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Haifa Wehbe (of Lebanon) and Faiz Al Saeed (UAE) singing a beautiful duet of "Tedry Lesh" (تدري ليش -- You Know Why) in the khaleeji dialect of Arabic (spoken by Arabs around the Persian Gulf). Haifa and Faiz sang on the Taratata TV show in Dubai, September 2008. Thanks to Aziza (algerina2308) for her translation from Arabic.

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Tedry Leish (You Know Why) تدري ليش

You know why I am angry with you? = tedry leish azaal ahlik
I love you so much (to die) = ashqak wa amout fik
You are miserable without me = teqsar el khater be douni
my heart is broken that is why I come back to you = yenkasser qelbi wa ejik

Comfort me by overcoming your behavior = raaini weqahar thirofek
and make me happy by seeing you = wa saeid ayami be shofek
Why are you away = leish baadek
why are you afraid = leish akhofek
blood of my heart is in your arm s= dam gelbi fi edik
your love apears in my eyes = hobek yebayne fe ayouni
my smile and my sadness = ou btessamati ou shajoni
and you will never be better without me = wenta ma btasber be doni
You take me and I take you between arms = tehtewini wa htewik

You know why I am angry against you? = tedry leish azaal ahlik
If you leave me for a second = law tefaraqni thawani
I become sad and hate my life = aktieib wa akrah zamani
don't let me suffer = la tekhaleni aani
because you're the partner of my life = wenta fe omri shirek

I hate the world if it's without you = akrah el alam be donek
and I leave it for you (in your eyes) = wahtizilhom fe ayounek
who love you never deceive you = min yehabek la ma yekhonek
even if he is angry against you = law tara yezaal ahlik

I tease you with my adoration = astifezak men wedadi
and leave you saying it's normal = wahjirik waqoul adi
even without agreement from me = men wara hathir foadi
to ask me to come back = lajl targheni wajik


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