Galactic Confederation of Light Message-Part 7

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Published 31 Aug 2008
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The video to this message was sent to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn't upload the video of the lecture but I recorded the audio because I think it's very important to share this message with others. The lecturer is George Kavassilas and he's a representatitive of the Galactic Confederation of Light. There are 12 parts in total for this compilation.

Link for We Are Ready to Change the World Petition:

If you would like to see the entire original video, go to NuclearPaul's channel or click the link below:

Brief summary of contents include: 

-Government Negotiations
-Draconians and Reptilians
-Earth Changes
-Twin Towers
-A specific Crop Circle
-What Is
-Parallel Dimensions
-Structure of the Universe
-Name of God
-Council of Nine
-Understanding Duality
-Where did we come from?
-Astral Dimensions
-Spirit Guides
-The Omniverse
-The Grand Plan of Creation
-Serpent Races and Bird Tribes
-Uniting the White Light of Knowledge and Conditional Love
-Winged Dragon of Ra
-Son of Star Wars
-Christ Consciousness
-The Golden Age
-Veil of Illusion, the Matrix
-Cycle to end all Cycles
-Precessional Cycle and Golden Ratio
-The Sphinx
-The Pyramids
-Star of David
-Harmonic Wisdom
-Magnetic Grids and the Flower of Life Ascension
-9/11 Gateway
-Holy Trinity
-Planetary Lightbody
-Closing of the Cycle
-5 Platonic Solids
-Eternal Ether/Flame/Spirit
-(Ending) Where Truth Is.
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