Intermediate F2L Tutorial - Fridrich Edge Pairs

By: LanceTheBlueKnight


Uploaded on June 01, 2008 by LanceTheBlueKnight Powered by YouTube

Yikes! The last time I made this video, it was with my old camera, my old software, I couldn't upload files bigger than 10MB, and the video was the full 10 minutes long. IT WAS HORRIBLE!

So, to redeem myself and not be so embarrassed, I decided to remake it, and condense it a little bit so I could fit in more explanation. I REALLY hope you guys enjoy. I left my old video up so you can laugh at how bad it is.

Video is pretty self explanatory. Although this method is supposed to be intuitive, there are a few algorithms that you're gonna want to know. Keep an eye out for some of the more common ones, it will help you out.

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