Robert Sheehan: Red Riding 1983 ("Here Is One That Got Away") Ending / Epilogue

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"Red Riding: 1983 (2009)" Movie Monologues IMDb: ***********/title/tt1259573/ Here is one ...
"Red Riding: 1983 (2009)" Movie Monologues IMDb: ***********/title/tt1259573/ Here is one that got away, and lived to tell the tale. From Karachi Social Club and Griffin Hotel; Wakefield Nick and St. Mary's Hostel; motorways and car parks; parks and toilets; idle rich and unemployed. From shit they sell and shit we buy; from kids with no mums and mums with no kid; from all dead meat to my dead friends. Pubs and clubs; from gutters and stars; local tips and old slag heaps. From badgers, and owls, wolves and swans. Here is a son of Yorkshire. Here is one.. that got away. One two three four five six seven, all good children go to Heaven.