Cerebral Aneurysm Coiling

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Bratislav Velimirovic, M.D., Ph.D., a Neurosurgeon in the Brain and Spine Center at Rockford Health System is the only physician in the region offering a highly technical, minimally-invasive procedure that stops brain aneurysms from rupturing. This offers patients reduced pain, less blood loss and a faster recovery-close to home. The surgical technique is known as cerebral emolization with coiling. It involves threading a micro catheter from the femoral artery in the leg all the way up to the brain using X-ray guidance. Thin platinum wires in the catheter are then pushed into the aneurysm, where they coil into a mesh ball. Blood clots form around the coils and reduce the chance for the aneurysm to burst. The other option for patients with brain aneurysms is to undergo a traditional craniotomy, which is a more invasive procedure where the skull is opened and the aneurysm is clipped.
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