Dead Rising 2: All 50 Combo Weapons (dr Choo)

By: doctorchoo


Uploaded on October 12, 2010 by doctorchoo Powered by YouTube

My final Dead Rising 2 video, which took some time to compile. It was fun while it lasted. This video shows how to create all 50 combo weapons in the game, as well as all of them in action! The combo cards are acquired via level progression, defeating psychopaths, and rescuing survivors. There is also one hidden one (Wingman). Twitter: Facebook: Combo Weapons List: Tenderizers Driller Tesla Ball Super BFG Exsanguinator Ripper Laser Sword Freedom Bear Blazing Aces Heliblade Blambow Infernal Arms Flamethrower Parablower Super Slicer Snowball Cannon Roaring Thunder Paddlesaw Boomstick Porta Mower Wingman Power Guitar Spear Launcher Electric Chair Hacker Fountain Lizard Rocket Launcher Tesla Ball Nail Bat Freedom Bear Fire Spitter Tenderizers Beer Hat Holy Arms Handy Chipper Blitzkrieg Hand Chipper Burning Skull Sticky Bomb Molotov Gem Blower IED Pole Weapon Air Horn Drill Bucket Driller Defiler Hail Mary Dynameat Knife Gloves Freezer Bomb Electric Rake Plate Launcher Spiked Bat
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