The Cure for Alcoholism, Joan Mathews Larson, PhD - 1 of 3 - Vitamins

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Hi, this is Larry Hobbs Fatnews****. Drug and alcohol problems are the result of biochemical glitches. Th...
Hi, this is Larry Hobbs Fatnews****. Drug and alcohol problems are the result of biochemical glitches. They are not caused by a lack of will power and cannot be solved with talk therapy. Prescription drugs such as Prozac cannot correct these problems either. I believe the exact same thing is true for anxiety and depression. In this audio clip, you will hear Dr. Julian Whitaker describe the research of Dr. Roger Williams. He found that alcoholic rats could be cured of their desire for alcohol with large doses of nutrients. You will then hear Dr. Whitaker interview Joan Mathews Larson, PhD whose son committed suicide about 30 years ago after returning from talk therapy. Joan Mathews Larson, PhD Health Recovery Center 3255 Hennepin Av S Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA 1-800-554-9155 phone (612) 827-7800 phone *******www.healthrecovery**** hrchealthrecovery**** Whitaker Wellness Institute 4321 Birch St. Newport Beach, CA 92660 (800) 488-1500 (949) 851-1550 *******www.whitakerwellness**** infowhitakerwellness**** We are deluded that alcoholics are suffering from a character disorder. What are causing these cravings? In the late-1950s, Dr. Roger Williams did an experiment with rats. He offered the rats either 100% water or an alcohol/water mixture (50% alcohol, 50% water). He gave them regular Purina Chow. (Regular rat chow.) He found that about 10% of the rats became alcoholic. This is about the same percentage as in humans who are alcoholic. He then reduced the amount of vitamins and minerals given to the rats. He found that most of the rats became alcoholic. He then gave them large doses of vitamins and minerals. These alcoholic rats lost their desire for alcohol. So the treatment for alcoholism is, first and foremost, large doses of vitamins and minerals. But thats not done. Joan Mathews Larson, PhD does this at her treatment center, Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Larson lost a 17-year-old son to suicide after going through talk therapy for alcohol problems. It set her on a mission to find a better way. She came across the work Dr. Roger Williams had done with rats. She opened Health Recovery Center in 1981. They treat people with drug and alcohol problems, and people with anxiety and depression. It was startling what I found on that mission. It absolutely contradicted everything that was being done in the name of treatment. And, in fact, that model is still out there. [The mistaken belief that talk therapy can solve the problem as is done in Alcoholics Anonymous.] What is being done in the name of treatment for alcoholism? Sitting in a group telling total strangers all of the mistakes of your life is very big in treatment. Its all Talk Therapy. There is no consideration that this is a physical disease that will finally kill the person and does in most cases. That is one of the major paradigms of alcohol treatment that is not appropriate. [Talk therapy cannot possibly solve the problem.] Alcoholism is a medical condition. What people want, and what they pay for when they come for help is they want the cravings to stop. That was one of the first things we discovered how to do back in 1981. It was treating the hypoglycemia the sugar fluctuations. Alcohol raises blood sugar faster than candy bars. [Alcoholics drink to quickly raise their blood sugar to help them feel better when their blood sugar is low. Their ability to handle that type of thing is way out of whack. Alcoholics are hypoglycemic. Their body pours out insulin [after consuming sugar which causes their blood sugar to fall.] So the first thing we did was start running lab tests. Lab tests either prove or disprove the point. Then you dont have to argue about it. [When we tested alcoholics we found that all of them were either hypoglycemic or moving into diabetes. Back in the very beginning, we gave shots [injections] of the B vitamins twice a week very high doses. It gave them back their energy. They felt great. It was the fastest way to bypass what was usually an allergic gut that did not absorb [these nutrients] very well. We gave injections of all the B-vitamins. There are doctors and orthomolecular psychiatrists who are doing parts of this type of treatment, but the number [is very small] compared to the traditional 12 Step Program which nobody attacks because what would you say against a spiritual approach except it has nothing to do with the physical disease, and it doesnt work. The success with Alcoholics Anonymous is less than 5%. They want the cravings to stop. And [nearly] everyone [is anxious and depressed.] They want that stopped too. So that needs to be dealt with [the anxiety and depression.] The best approach for that is a lot of labs [lab tests] to identify [what is causing the anxiety and depression.]