A Cosby Sweater (Multi-Percussion) by Axel Clarke - Pt. 1

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IronWorks Percussion perform "A Cosby Sweater" by Axel Clarke. The IronWorks Duo gave the premiere performance on October 12, 2008.

For more information about the IronWorks Percussion Duo, please visit: http://www.ironworkspercussion.com/

A Cosby Sweater came from a series of compositional experiments. I was attempting to write a piece that involved a junkyard concept with various instruments lying around my studio and to interlace quasi-melodic patterns that are interjected by breaks. I also was forcing myself to write a piece that stays in one time signature. (If you consider 7/8 and 7/4 to be essentially the same then I succeeded!)
The title references the horrific sweaters Bill Cosby would wear on his TV show in the 80s. They were so colorful, garish, and over-the-top that you had to ask What was he thinking? I hope that is what the listener thinks when they hear this piece. —Axel Clarke

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