Da Frog Princess

By: SethwardProductions


Uploaded on February 25, 2010 by SethwardProductions Powered by YouTube

Once upon a time there were 6 beautiful Princesses. They decided to have a sleepover. But they didn't invite The Frog Princess. Is it because she's black? Or is it just because they forgot; she's new and for 40 plus years the princesses have been hanging out without her. Princesses make mistakes too.

Producer: Seth Allison

Written By: LeeAndrea Morton & Seth Allison

Cinematography By: Kyle Helf

Grip: Henri Floris

Score By: Jared Lagroue


Cinderella: Allegra Edwards

Bell: Katy McDonough

Snow White: Brooke Lowry

Aurora: Noelle Marion

Jasmine: Erika Varella

Ariel: LeeAndrea Morton

Tiana: Layla Brisco

Prince Charming: Sethward Allison

The Frog: Eubert Allison

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