Hazleton Area Vs. Bethlehem Liberty (last 2 Minutes)

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one of the greatest endings in a high school football game in my opinion... it was the second round of the AAAA PIAA Sub-Regional playoffs as the 10-1 cougars faced off against the also 10-1 hurricanes in a gridiron battle to go down for the ages

with 1:37 seconds, hazleton linebacker Matt Manfredi recovers a fumble to give the cougars the ball. The very next play, Nate Eachus, all state hazleton area runningback and Big 33 Linebacker, takes the rock the length of the field past Third Team All American Linebacker Brandon Beal to give the cougars a 21-14 lead.

Although excluded from the video, the next drive was definitely worth watching. Bethlehem Liberty drove the ball 70 yards in a little over a minute with no timeouts to punch the ball into the endzone. They chose to try for 2 but the tough Cougar defense wouldnt allow it.

After the game, Liberty's coach explained his reason to go for 2. he said, "we couldn't stop him (Nate Eachus) on an 80 yard field, how could we stop him on a 10 yard field (in overtime)"

The all state running back proved himself in the contest rushing for 382 yards on just 28 carries.

Hazleton Area - white
Bethlehem Liberty - blue

Final Score
Hazleton - 21
Liberty - 20

(Video made by the sister of hazleton linebacker, Matt Manfredi.)

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