COD Black Ops - Smoove Zombie Language

By: Smoove7182954


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Epic had a horrible start going down about 6 or 7 times. He also didn't have a microphone so we had to communicate in a Smoove Language hahaa

I know you like those Panic Pistol moments. Those PP moments! This was a very fun session.

1:30 Why did I go there?
4:10 Upgrading the pistol!
4:25 He's trapped, but I got those pistols
5:04 Splaaaaaaaaaash!!!!
5:50 Epic revive and death machine!
6:46 1 zombie traps me!
7:35 Smoove communication!
8:55 I try to revive
9:50 Panic Pistol
10:30 Bad trade?
11:40 Claymore to the face
12:30 Another revive attempt
13:30 Clutch scavenger moment starts
15:45 Another revive attempt
16:20 Those PPs
17:15 I got cheesed!

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