Salsa Dancing - Salsa Technique: Multiple Turns for the Lady (on2)

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*******www.mindbites****/lesson/1422-salsa-technique-multiple-turns-for-the-lady-on2 In this lesson the le...
*******www.mindbites****/lesson/1422-salsa-technique-multiple-turns-for-the-lady-on2 In this lesson the leader will learn how to properly lead the lady into multiple turns and the follower will learn how to prepare her body for multiple turns as well as how to return to the basic step after executing more than one turn. Remember that spinning takes practice. So at the end of the lesson, you will find a spinning drill that you can practice with your partner to get better at spinning (the lady). Level: Intermediate to Advanced A word about Salsa Dance Styles --------------------------------------------- L.A. style (On1) and New York style (On2) are two of the most popular Salsa dance styles around the world. In the L.A style, the leader breaks forward with his left foot on the first beat of the measure while the follower breaks back with her right foot. In the New York style, the follower breaks forward with her left foot on the second beat of the measure while the leader breaks back with his right foot. Once you feel comfortable dancing on one of these styles, you can easily translate your Salsa repertoire to the other style by following the "Timing Conversion Table" included as supplemental material with this video. About this Author Carlos Leon & Azucena Perez Carlos Leon & Azucena Perez 48 lessons Joined: 12/09/2008 Carlos & Azucena have made a name in the International Salsa scene as performers, instructors and competitors. They have won several titles including 4-time Texas Salsa Open Champions, 3rd place at the 2008 World Salsa Championships in the team division, and finalists at the 2005 World Salsa Championships. They have also been featured in ESPN, The Cristina Show (Univision), American Latino TV, and "Que Pasa Austin", among others. Visit their website at *******www.JazzyDanceCo****/ to find out more about their subscription-based online Salsa lessons and other products for Salsa dancers.