Rubik's Cube 101: How To Solve a Rubik's Cube - Part 2

By: lalaborat


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Hey guys! Here's part 2.

For Algorithm #3, I apologize for going so fast, but just use the right or left algorithm and you should be fine.

If you have any questions about the algorithms, or if you just completely do not understand what to do with the algorithms, please ask me and I'll help you, guaranteed.

Remember: If you are messing up when using algorithm #2, you are probably mixing up the "down inverted" and "down."

If I say "down," I want you to literally tilt the cube up so that the down side is facing you, and then turn in clockwise.

If I say "down inverted," then face the down side and turn it Counter-Clockwise.

Or, more conveniently, use the finger flick method that I showed you.


1) Ri, U, Fi, Ui

2) Ri, Di, R, D

3) Going Right - U, R, Ui, Ri, Ui, Fi, U, F

Going Left - Ui, Li, U, L, U, F, Ui, Fi

4) F, R, U, Ri, Ui, Fi

5) R, U, Ri, U, R, U, U, Ri

6) U, R, Ui, Li, U, Ri, Ui, L

7) Ri, Di, R, D (Same as #2)

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