TSO's "Wizards in Winter"

By: scubatarkus


Uploaded on December 21, 2006 by scubatarkus Powered by YouTube

This is a repost of my winning entry in the TSO "Wizards in Winter" Contest. I would urge each of you to enjoy it while you can... because, despite all of the contest entrants having express permission to use this music (from both Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Atlantic records), some doofus is claiming copyright infringement and YouTube is methodically taking-down many of these videos. Mine likely isn't too long for this world either. BTW, should anyone from YouTube be reading this (incidentally, you do a remarkable job of insulating yourself so that the public cannot speak with a human being on any topic) - why don't you VERIFY that the person making these bogus allegations actually has ownership rights? Because, according to TSO Management (in correspondence on 6-Jan-09), they are not speaking for the band or the record company in requesting these take-downs. You might want to verify your facts before continuing to do so!
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