"Sniper Camper Tryhard" Lloyd Banks - Beamer, Benz, or Bentley Ft. Juelz Santana Parody

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GFXLab - Sniper Camper Tryhard (ft. AdvancedGFX) Lyrics - Chorus - Sniper Camper Tryhard Verse 1 - if your sitting in a corner, suck my call of duty boner if your standing next to me, your K/D is looking shorter I'm in 6 man clutch mode, first blood beast mode You, you are shaq at the freethrow xbox swag, I'll get your mom on the mic she'll be making me sandwiches, tomatoes on the side bitch I hate tomatoes, I'll take bacon on the rye don't say I'm hacking just because I never die I will always be a beast, in game and in life I'm like neo in the matrix, hang the phone up and fly get out of the basement, you raging little nerds with your modded controllers just to make your weapons burst your a montage construction, all you do is set up every song that I do, should be called best of I'm way too beast I do work on this boy GFXLab is king of search and destroy Verse 2 - Hey guys I am back by demand advanced GFX and I'm the leader of my clan squeaker of the year, snappin like kontrol freeks I'm squeakin like a boss, thanks for the notice intervention on rust, I'm a 1v1 monster if you can't quickscope then don't even bother nobody can stop me when I pull up that scope my skills say yes and your skills say nope your dads still a fag, I'm mean like that cross me in game and I will prove you are bad all your tryhard kill cams look so sad when you look in the mirror do you even see a man I might be a squeaker but at least I have balls they slide down your moms throat like some halls I usually have to whisper when my parents come home but today I get to scream because I am all alone Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/GFXLab Like me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/GFXLab
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