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Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (PIYFT)
Dr Jitendra Das,
India, Uttrakhanda, Himalay, Tehri-Garhwal, Rishikesh, Luxmanjhula,
PIYFT was establish in Haridwar by Dr Jitendra Das and has its branch in Rishikesh, Uttrakhanda, India. The basic principal of Foundation is truth to the original source. Master follows the Ancient Yoga Style taken from Sanskrit books.
Dr. Jitendra Das, the Founder President and the leading master of Foundation, has Golden Medal in (MA) Master Degree on the subject of Yoga, (PhD) Scientific Research on the topic of Patanjali Yoga and Ayurveda and Sanskrit Education in Gurukul Kangari University, Haridwar, Uttrakhanda, India.
PIYFT runs yoga seminars, workshops, lectures, teachers training courses, yoga - ayurveda therapy courses and certified educational programs in India and worldwide.

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