Maureen Kelly - Yes You Do

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Rare oldies collection of mine :)


Maureen Kelly - Yes You Do

You mean more than anything
To me yes you do to me
You made my dark day
brighter yes you do

You make life is
brighter, yes you do

Yes you do, oh you're so
far away
yes you do

Yes you do, you're my
night and my day, yes you do

Back to,**,**

Hoe the lifes
Above it sailing into the sunset
With you.. our love
In my heart, goodbye
Mon amour we shall wait

You spoke to me
with your eyes
I understood with my heart
when you said "Je'taime, mon amour"

It's not goodbye,
just au revoir...
Because I know
someday, someday

We'll meet again, mon amour...

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