HMV Hell: Reach (Official HH Video)

By: imSuck


Uploaded on October 11, 2010 by imSuck Powered by YouTube


I wanted to give a special thanks to Diggie B, halfdeath, Frank Sixer, Rise wit Fallen and blackouTT - All of which helped in making this movie but somehow were left out of the credits. Diggie B especially, as he was in about 80% of the movie. He was the sexy blue spartan in the "My Everything" skit. Sorry guys!

Released on: Oct 10, 2010

Filmed, Edited and Produced by imSuck
Additional Titles & Visual Effects by Clint W. Rea (Adobe After Effects)

HMV Hell (Halo Music Video Hell) is a Halo music video montage inspired by the AMV Hell (Anime Music Video Hell) Anime Series where anime fans took songs from all different genres of music and matched them up visually to clips from Anime movies and TV shows.

In the AMV series, all of the anime clips were matched up to the music in comedic or dramatic ways to give the entire movie a funny/exciting feel with lots of variations to keep you interested. In HMV, I decided to take the style that AMV created and apply it to Halo. While in the AMV Hell series, the clips are all submitted by community members and were then merged into one large movie, I prefer to film everything myself (imSuck) for quality control.. Everything you see in HMV Hell 1, 2 and Reach is filmed, edited and produced by imSuck.

I added my own style of filming, editing and comedy to the AMV style and HMV Hell was born. In short... HMV Hell is made up of a bunch of random clips of would-be music videos played back to back linked by static to simulate flipping channels on a TV. Now that you know, enjoy the show.

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