Midnight Club LA - AUDI R8 [18+]

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The Audi R8 in MC LA

******EDIT****** PLEASE READ::

ok, i am sick of having to constantly tell people of how you get it and what to do, either read the comments below or read this.. CAREFULLY!

how to get it:

first you have to sogn up to the rockstar social club and make an account on there, with the hotmail address you use for your PSN ID or XBL GT, then it will ask you to link your account to either of your network prifiles, in my case, it was the xbox 360, IMPORTANT!!::: REMEMBER, WHEN IT SAYS SIGN OUT OF HOTMAIL BEFORE LINKING ADDRESS TO ID/GT, DONT JUST PRESS X TO EXIT THE HOTMAIL WINDOW, ACTUALLY PRES SIGN OUT NEXT TO YOUR NAME AT THE TOP RIGHT OF YOUR HOTMAIL!!!!
i made the same mistake a few times, trying to link it, and figured out you have to signout, not just exit hotmail alltogether.

now, once you have signed up, it will register all of your deatils, if you have ublished a photo album on MCLA it will load on the site, you can view your cars and stats, but you dont care about that crap. there is a page for the challenges where you can see the 12 challenges you have to complete to get the AUDI R8, airbags/hydrualics (south central comes with hydros and airbags) and the TIS modular rims (found in the downloadable rims section at the wheel). when you have signed up, you will not have to begin your challenges from scratch, if you have already knocked over 500 objects for example, you will only have to knock over 9500 more (LOL), but the challenges are things like this

smask 10,000 objects
drive 5000 miles
cruize for 20 hours
do a 500 ft wheelie
win 20 consecutive races
350 race wins

so before asking how to get it, READ THIS!

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