Oh No, My Kitty is EMO

By: PhotoAnimationGuy


Uploaded on September 24, 2007 by PhotoAnimationGuy Powered by YouTube

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I think my cat is EMO, he seems depressed and doesn't let me pet him anymore... I wrote and recorded the song just for this video, here are the lyrics:

Kitty has changed, he will never ever be the same.
We used to be best friends, he was my little guy now he won't come to me when I call out his name.
I look at him he looks away, I try to pet him anyway, what happen to the Kitty I know? Oh, no, no, no, no... my Kitty is Emo!

His hair is a mess and I think that he's depressed, he just sits there lying on the floor. I text him on the phone cause he's never ever home, what ever happen to the kitty I know...

He hurts and he cries when hurts cause he's crying, cause he's Emo and a Kitteh. no no.

My kitty is Emo, My Kitty is Emo!


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