(HD) Monkey Hero - ถ้าเธอมีจริง (Unbelievable) Ft.Girly Berry

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Artist: Monkey Hero
Song: ถ้าเธอมีจริง (Unbelievable) ft.Girly Berry
Album: Monkey Hero

*Gasp* I never knew the boys could be so naughty. Lol, here is Monkey Hero's (Koen, Kenta, Jongbae) MV. I thought the MV was funny and who knew the boys would have wondering eye. 5555+

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~Note To Self~

I get it now, the boys are the 3 wise monkeys. As in "See no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil". There poses they did in their photoshoot made me wonder why they were doing that. But I totally get the Money Hero's thing, kind of.

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