Scout Rangers

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The elite Scout Rangers, are the pride of the Philippine Military. They are the most celebrated breed of fi...
The elite Scout Rangers, are the pride of the Philippine Military. They are the most celebrated breed of fighting men, the most admired by the citizenry but dreaded by the enemy. Clad in black fatigues, berets and balaclavas depicting the skin of the panther whose image appears in every ranger patch that they wear with pride. It is the emblem of the jungle fighter, the night stalker, a strike-anywhere force, the cunning, agile and fearsome commando. A rumor of their coming alone can even send the enemy scampering to safety. They'd rather evade these deadly hunters than leave themselves denied of any chance of surviving at all. These commandos are known as the strike anywhere, day and night, all weather, all terrain, RANGER all the way fighting force that made them legends in the Army. Formed in the 1950's by the former AFP Vice Chief and Defense Secretary Gen. Rafael "Rocky" Ileto, the "Father of the Scout Rangers", they were the heroes of their time who sealed the fate of the Hukbalahap guerillas. Their commanders, names like Ileto, Sang-laan, Brawner, Blando, Javier are legends in the Army. This group of commandos was tasked to counter the extremely violent Hukbalahap Guerillas in the 1950's, there had to be a compact and hard-hitting unit to match the rebels' agility and mobility. Intrepid and highly-skilled, the members of this unit had to infiltrate stealthily and strike with deadly effectiveness and withdraw as swiftly as they came in. They have to be specialists in small, highly selective strikes, raids, ambuscades, reconnaissance patrols and other offensive actions. The times called for a new breed of soldiers who had to have the skills of a consummate warrior, the stamina of an indefatigable hunter and the do-or-die spirit of a winner. On November 25 1950, The Scout Ranger was born. Today, the Men-in-Black continues to do its performance of its multi-faceted mission, they will always be ready to take the challenge of any unscrupulous individual or group that will dare to destroy the Filipino way of life. The First Scout Ranger Regiment, Special Operations Command, Philippine Army was awarded in year 2000, the highly prestigious "Presidential Streamer Award" for combat achievements from the President of the Republic of the Philippines.