The Simpsons - Dr. Zaius (Planet Of the Apes)

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Troy McClure singing with a bunch of monkeys.

The Simpsons spoof of "Rock me Amadeus" by Falco.


Why are the dialogues in Spanish?

This version is televised in Spain, that's why the dialogues are dubbed in Spanish.
Then why is the song/play in English?

The dubbing team decided to keep the original song.
I can't understand the parts spoken in Spanish/English...

I added English subtitles for the dialogues as annotations, and the song as closed captioning.
Where can I see this video a 100% in English?

You should try somewhere else than YouTube, as Fox deletes every Simpsons video in English.

Any racist comments will be deleted. I can't believe how some people argue about 2 or 3 lines being in Spanish.

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