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hello everyone ! I was just randomly wondering today, does anyone actually read the video description ? hmm.. well anyway, this is a little video for my song ' avalanche' which will be going to radio in oct.... please request it at your local station !!! Avalanche is about a crumbling relationship... I remember feeling a little hopeless on the day I was writing this song. I felt like I was ready to put it everything , all my energy into someone and it wasn't clear if that feeling was being reciprocated... But I think we've all felt that at one time or another. It's rare for the commitment and feelings from both sides to match..but when it does, it's magical.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video which incorporates a lot of footage from my promo tour in japan..
It's not quite the 'official' video but it's pretty cool in my opinion ;) in the meanwhile, in stead of just making a music video, i'm working on a very exciting movie project which will use all the songs from my new album ' breathing underwater'. more details coming soon xo

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