John F Kennedy - The Autopsy

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This study of the autopsy photos finds that JFK was shot FOUR times from the right front by at least three ...
This study of the autopsy photos finds that JFK was shot FOUR times from the right front by at least three different guns none of which were fired from the Sixth Floor School Book Depository. If any one of these bullets occurred as supported by the evidence of the autopsy photos a conspiracy existed. Oswald also fired three additional shots one of which struck Connally in the back without hitting JFK thus creating confusion. At least seven bullets were fired November 22, 1963. Given Oswalds shooting record and the condition of the Carcano it is clear that Oswald was never intended to actually shoot JFK or even hit the car. Oswald was intended as a patsy to divert attention away from the true assassins by blaming Russia or Cuba. The lone nut gunman was a possible cover story but only if the evidence could be controlled and suppressed. Steps were taken to control news media, witnesses and physical evidence on the first day shaping the lone nut three shots myth. If the myth failed for any reason the primary cover story would be that Oswald was working as a communist agent with others. On Friday night a full complete autopsy was performed in preparation of being used at Oswalds trial. The autopsy found the four bullet wounds from the right front as described above. The Kennedy family was informed of the findings as was President Johnson and Hover of the FBI but orders for secrecy were given to all others in the interest of national security. On Sunday Oswald was killed. A decision was made by Johnson, Hover, and the Kennedy family to blame the dead Oswald as the single lone nut instead of having him a conspirator and a communist agent with others still at large. This was done for national security reasons primarily to prevent war with Russia or public unrest or to conceal Robert Kennedys involvement with the ZR-rifle program to kill Castro. It is believed by many that the ZR-rifle team actually killed JFK. The Kennedy family permitted the cover up to occur and continue for some unknown reason. By doing so the family has ensured JFKs place in history by the mystery of the assassination and conspiracy theories. This maybe the most compelling reason for the Kennedys. After Oswalds death Dr. Humes burns the original autopsy report and his notes. A multitude of evidence is destroyed, lost, altered and fabricated. Once commenced the cover up cannot fail. Johnson wants to win the election and any hint of conspiracy and cover up would permit the people to suspect his involvement in the assassination. The Kennedys remain silent permitting Johnson to be elected. To this day the Kennedys still remain silent instead of demanding justice and that the truth be known. Jackie Kennedy left some secrete papers to be opened only after the death of all her children. Perhaps she will tell us what really happened and why. Read full autopsy report here: *******