[RPGibberish 014-1] Operation Rainfall [Xenoblade Chronicles]

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[RPGibberish 014] Operation Rainfall [Xenoblade Chronicles] RPGibberish is back with a vengeance! After a long hiatus we have resumed recording RPGibberish and we start this season with a bang! In a three-part episode we will discuss the entire Operation Rainfall trilogy which consists of three Nintendo Wii JRPGs. The trilogy consists of Xenoblade Chronicles, developed by Monolith Soft, The Last Story, developed by Mistwalker and finally Pandora's Tower, developed by Ganbarion! In this first part we will discuss Xenoblade Chronicles which was the game released in the trilogy! For this episode we brought on a wonderful guest, Taylor aka Muragaru553. A fellow RPG fanatic who actually lives in Japan and played these wonderful JRPGs way before everyone in the West got there hands on them! You can find Taylor here: http://www.youtube.com/user/muragaru553 [This channel also hosts his own podcast; Power-On Podcast] http://www.twitter.com/muragaru553 Thanks to Taylor for appearing on this wonderful episode!
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