Slovakia - Slovensko - Slovak Anthem - Slovenska Hymna

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Tribute to my Homeland - Slovensko - Slovakia (internet available photos compilation. I am really sorry, if I encrouch on someone`s copyrights by chance)
I look up to anonymous authors of these breathtaking shots,which helps me and many others to express and underline our deep regards and admiration to this country. If you find one of your shots in my video and would like to make your name public, please let me know and I will do my best and add your name to description.

1.Veronika Rakovanova
2. 04:58 - Makowski

My own work:) you can find in 00:18 (sign of slovak armed forces) and photo of slovak flag in 05:00

Following songs are used in the video:
1.Slovak anthem
2.folk song-"cervena ruzicka" (SLUK)
3.lullaby- "lulu ze mi, lulu" (SLUK)

I really apologize again and thank you for your great work

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