Those Eyes.wmv

By: Cosmic Krist


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I Am the deffinition of white noise, this music's just an out let and the industry's better off protected and with out knowing of my astral, ancestrial art of a heart supa nova'd off of the deceptions you people sway the perceptions with even if i had an ounce of mega tron's beliefs i still wouldn't ever believe in the fairy tales engulfing hell with make believe realities seems theres no economy that'd saticfy me no woman that'll open the gates no man that'll stand with in two feet of my inner pillars, i should golf this galaxy, endoresing dillard i could play billiards like ms gillard but since every one's watching me i'd rather do this silently and now as i turn my back and march on the darkness theres nothing of the world that blinds me of the light nor does the light blind me from the promised land you couldn't get me involved in anything other than the return of the lord and the trip back home to nerrelly, man and really man, you're all dumber than a sack of rocks i'm more milky then the silk perils women leak in the middle of expressing them selves it's best for the world if they are left naive like a little girl who's never seen a peen like a little boy who's never felt an o g by a woman my mission is leaving earth behind since the lies were worth more than any ones lives
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