Star Wars: TIE Fighter #37 'Battle for Honor #4: Tactical Superiority' Part 1/2

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Battle 5 'Battle for Honor' Mission #4: Tactical Superiority Part 1/2This one a little "late" as we...
Battle 5 'Battle for Honor' Mission #4: Tactical Superiority Part 1/2This one a little "late" as well. I'll try to put videos more often, now that my WAR subscription ended, I'm going to continue it, but not now.Okay so, again, too hard for me. I'm no pro ace at this game, I'm just human."Tactical superiorityImperial forces stranded Harkovs Star Destroyer Protector following the successful interdiction of the Rebel supply convoy. Imperial leaders chose this time to eliminate Harkovs fighter screen of TIE Avengers. Keeping the pressure on, Gunboat pilots from Mu integrated themselves into fresh TIE Avenger starfighters, leveling the playing field against Harkovs relentless waves of Avengers in previous missions. Avengers Mu returned to the system near platform DS 5 with orders to destroy as many enemy TIE Avengers as possible, at least fifty percent of Harkovs squadrons, to pave the way for the next phase of the attack. Agents of the Secret Order had instructed at least one pilot from group Mu to inspect any transport craft that may enter the system, hoping to establish Harkovs exact location. Imperial pilots noticed two Cargo Ferries laying a minefield around DS 5 as they squared off with incoming Avengers H-Beta. In the moments to follow, Imperial starfighters collided in a maelstrom of missile and laser fire. Having finished the minefield, Harkovs Cargo Ferries entered hyperspace as rogue and loyalist TIE Avengers continued their furious dogfight. As loyalist starfighter pilots gained the upper hand, a single fighter disengaged to inspect the new arrival from the Protectors hangar. Emerging from the Protector, Shuttle Toten headed to platform DS 5, while the Protector subsequently prepped its hyperdrive engines. Avenger Mu 2 passed Shuttle Toten just before it entered the hangar, revealing Harkov inside. Imperial fighters had successfully eliminated the required first half of Harkovs Avengers as two Alliance Assassin-class corvettes Wurger arrived. Mu 2 again diverted to inspect Wurger 1 and 2, moreover upon discovering troops aboard, Mu 2 proceeded to destroy corvettes Wurger single-handedly. With the successful destruction of countless Avengers and Corvettes Wurger, Imperial starfighters left the system to prepare for the final assault. "-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Let's Play Star Wars: TIE FighterGame: TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM EditionReleased: July 1995Developer: Totally GamesPublisher: LucasArtsPlatform: DOSThis is the Collectors' CD-ROM Edition, wich comes with 2 expansion packs; "Defender of the Empire" and "Enemies of the Empire"So, this is me playing TIE Fighter, Collectors' CD-ROM edition. I have never completed TIE Fighter, and this game includes 2 expansion packs, so I've got a lot of surprises ahead of me. And because I'm a rookie at this game, so I don't know every bonus mission, and I probably die often, but I edit the deaths out so you don't have to watch everything again and again.And oh, this is not a complete extra ultimate edition super walkthrough, it's just me. :)Because of the 10 minute limit, these videos will come in bits and pieces.