2008 Home Run Derby, Red-Carpet Parade and MLB All-Star Game

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New York City was the host of the 79th All Star Game at the Yankee Stadium, and Boston Latino TV travelled to the big apple to showcase the Latino presence in this great event!

Although the 8-player roster of the Home Run Derby didn't include any of our beloved Latino players, there was a huge display of Latino love inside the stadium: fans, jerseys of Alex Rodriguez, Ortiz and Ramirez all over the place, and all the 18 Latino players invited to this year's All Stars Game watching the Derby from the dugouts.

63 Players of the national and American league were invited to this year's All Star Game. 18 of those players were Latinos. And who wonders? Baseball has gone global! 29% of all Major Leaguers are Latino players, a much higher rate than the 10% of Latinos in the roster 10 years ago.

There were many new records set this year, but the greatest one was the game itself, not only for the huge display of talent on the field, but for being part of what seems to be a truly long goodbye to Yankee Stadium

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