National Piercing Day is May 16th! (Nipple Piercing) [18+]

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In 2007 created a fun holiday known as National Piercing Day on May 16th and used MySpace to spread of word of the Hole-y Holiday! This year to mark the one year anniversary of the nifty Holiday is using YouTube to spread the word even more! So do your part! On May 16th support your local piercer and get a new piercing! Pass along the word! There are literally dozens of piercings to choose from:

Ear piercing ideas: Anti-Tragus, Auricle, Conch, Daith, Industrial, Industrial (via rook), Orbital, Lobe, Pinna, Forward Pinna, Rook, Scaffold, Snug, Tragus, Transverse Lobe and the Vertical Tragus.

Oral piercing ideas: Weaving, Cheek, Lip (Lower), Lower Fraenum, Madonna, Medusa, Superior Fraenum, Tongue and the Labret.

Surface piercing ideas: Ankle, Brooch, Earl, Eyebrow, Nape, Neck, Third Eye and Webbing.

Female Genital piercing ideas: Clitoris, Hood, Inner Labia, Outer Labia and a Triangle.

Male Genital piercing ideas: Apadravya, Dydoe, Fraenulum, Kuno, Lorum, Palang, Prince Albert, Pubic, Reverse PA and Hafada.

Nasel piercing ideas: Nostril and Septum.

Abdominal piercing ideas: Nipple.

... in closing, piercings are fun, neat and they can come and go as you please! Piercers, do your part in helping to spread the word. Throw a piercing party, have a special, place ads in college newspapers...

"What piercing will YOU be getting on May 16th?"

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