Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl: Arceus Distribution Event

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For all North American players, you are eligible to get the legendary Arceus!!! This is available from November 7-15, 2009 at any participating Toys R Us stores!!!

Like the past TRU events, you must have the 'Mystery Gift' Option to get your free Pokemon.
You will also receive a Pokemon Rumble (a Wii Shop Channel game) poster, stickers from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer of Sky, and a $5 coupon towards any Pokemon game (if available).

#493 Arceus is needed to activate an in game event in the upcoming games, Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver coming out Spring 2010.

At the event, you are allowed to receive the Arceus for either Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Diamond, or Pokemon Pearl. If you have a copy of all three or two, you can get Arceus on those games too!

Arceus is the last distribution event for these trio of games. This is the only legit way to get your Arceus. The only way to get it after this date is by cheating using an Action Replay which I suggest you don't do.

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