Nick and Miley Broke Up! Could This B the Reason Y?

By: joebroluver91


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ok so i got these pics from ppl on flixster nd every one thinks dat miley cheated on nick wit this guy,it is her back up dancer for her video "start all over" b4 da rumors was that it was wesley quinn(ashley tisdale's back up dancer) but it's not if miley really did cheat on nick wit this guy it was her dancer(which makes more sence) i am not saying it's true,but at da same time i'm not saying dat it isnt! for all we know it could b true...we all know dat they broke up cause it's everywhere,but we dnt know for sure y cause ppl refused to talk about their personal lyf,nd i also heard dat miley apologized on mileyworld(not sayin who told me) but later it was taken off of da site) so it might b true.nd if it is then i feel really bad for nick cause he is a great guy nd he doesnt deserve this! nd if a girl lyk miley doesnt realize how good she had it,then she MUST b stupid,any girl would b lucky to b wit any of da jb,at least i know a fan would appreciate them! but lyk i said i'm not da one dat started this so plz dnt leave any mean comments just tell me if u think she cheated or not cause i dnt want anyone fighting over this! nd i shouldnt have posted this but i know lots of ppl wanted to c da pictures,so now i'm just gunna have to deal wit da comments! BUT ADD ME AS A FRIEND IF YOU LUV DA JONAS BROTHERS!!! again sorry to da miley fans =(

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