Careless Whisper - George Michael

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Despite popular belief this 1984 heart-melt-song par excellence did not mark George Michael's departure from Wham!.
A quick glance at the song credits reveals that Andrew Ridgeley co-wrote this pop masterpiece.

As with the other handful of George Michael video clips I have put up on YouTube, I strongly recommend that you go and actually buy the high-quality versions of these videos as DVD. They are absolutely worth it and I do believe that such good art needs to be supported and paid for.
The Wham! music videos collection as well as George Michael's Twenty Five DVD are both worth their prices.
I hope that the rightholders do not initiate the removal of videos from YouTube, since after the demise of _good_ music television, this is the best, not-commercial-infected way to stumble upon music that is worth buying.

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