Pokémon Stadium - R-2 Pika Cup Speedrun

By: SadisticMystic


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If you ever wanted to know just how easy the Pika Cup in Pokémon Stadium is, here you go. L20 Starmie with Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Psychic/Surf can steamroll through so many opponents that you'll wonder why anyone would advocate a "balanced" level team. In my case, I also brought L20 Alakazam with Fire Punch/Psychic/Ice Punch/Thunderpunch, which was only brought out in place of Starmie for battle 6. The L15s don't matter, but a general rule in Pika Cup is that Dragon Rage = very good, and Explosion/Selfdestruct are almost as good especially if you're trading a L15 for the opponent's L20.

Offense rules the day in Pika Cup, which I show here by coasting through 8 battles in under 18 minutes, timed from team confirmation to the end of the last battle. Some missed one-shots led to lost time from retaliatory hits, but overall it worked out well (getting the critical on Nairish in battle 8 saved a huge amount of time). This is rapid-fire Pokémon at its finest.

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