Techno Mix/Handsup (By BassStylerz)

By: Partylover16


Uploaded on September 30, 2007 by Partylover16 Powered by YouTube

Holy Shit, Thanks for all the nice comments and views it`s amazing;-)) IM SORRY I CAN NOT UPLOAD HANDSUP MIXES ANYMORE... IT GETTING DELETED BY ZOOLAND RECORDS

0:00 Pimp Code - Raise your head up
1:20 Straight Flush -? Let's All Chant
3:20 Basslovers United - Music
4:20 Pimp´╗┐ Code - You Know (Radio Mix)
5:50 Rocco & Bass-T - Tell me when
6:45 Picco vs. Jens O. - The Jump Anthem
7:45 Alex Gaudino ft Crystal Water
9:00 Jumpmasters - Taste of Summer


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