Ganguro Girl Make-up

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I ran into this look when some one commented my Latest Geisha Make-up tutorial saying that 'I looked more like Yamaba ...I didn't know what that was So when i googled it i came across this crase Awesome Look from Japan.I thought it would be a great Tutorial since i had been getting requests to do Japanese Fashion looks .

If you Plan to do this for Halloween....Remeber to check this off
1.Long Blond wig or light brown wig with colorful hair dyes
2.Hair Accesories flowers and bows
3.Super Tan face and Body
4.White Eyemake-up all around the Eyes ,Cheeks and the Bridge of the Nose
5.Black Eye-make-up
6.Stickers on the cheeks
7.Colorful clothing
8.Colorful wristbands and rings
9.Funky platforms and shoes

thanks for Watching frens...Rate and comment if you have time ^ _^

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