SSX: Spirit of the Snow Shaman

By: MikeDiva


Uploaded on March 02, 2012 by MikeDiva Powered by YouTube

A jaded snowboarder, about to turn his back on the world of snowboarding forever, acquires an ancient amulet from a shady snow shaman. Through the magic of the amulet, and the help of a friendly totem spirit, he is shown the true nature of the mountain and must push his skills to their limits and beyond.

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Director/Editor: Mike Diva
Director of Photogrpahy/Producer: Jan-Michael Losada
Additional Editors: Ethan Chancer, Jan-Michael Losada
VFX: Ethan Chancer, Kial Natale, Mike Diva
Producer/Assistant Director: Nicholas Veneroso
Executive producers: JJ Mayes, Michael Herst and Duncan Fairley
Original music by: Will Gannon
SFX and mixing by: Dick Witt
Special Thanks: Big Bear staff and crew!!

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