Luna's General Work Day

By: WhitehawkePAUNCH


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Finally finished this.
I originally envisioned this as a 1 month side project, but with all the other things I work on, such as My Little Bloopers and art pieces in general, along with the fact that I had to re-learn Flash all over again, it effectively took over 5 months to get this over with.

There's a lot of little things that limited me here. The magical effects are simple and plain and music was added at the last second.

I have another (MUCH simpler) fanimation planned, but I think I'll delay it a bit so I can focus on getting everything else up to speed first.

Oh, yeah, I know this isn't the most appropriate thing to upload on Valentine's day, but...well, think of it as my thanks to all my viewers. You guys/gals make this all worthwhile.

By the way, want to fiddle with the original flash source file?
Here you go:
Bear in mind that there is no sound, as it was added through another program.

Also, for those wondering what the song at 1:34 is, it's Tatsunoko VS Capcom's training stage music.

Added some annotation links in the credits to the "Find the difference" BGM as well as the TVC training stage music.

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