The Poni-Tails - Born Too Late (1958)

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Truly one of the best records of the '50's, this recording was one of those responsible for making me fall in love with the music of the era. If the beauty and innocence of the decade could be captured in a song, it would be this one. A classic sung by one of the best, and most under-rated girl groups. The girls were 19 at the time of this recording.

The theme of the song is as pertinent today as it was at the time. As one of the Poni-Tails, Patti McCabe, explained in Billboard at the time, "It's a message song. Lots of girls fall in love with an older guy. It's like the junior high school girl who secretly loves the senior who's the football captain. Or the high school girl whose boy is away in college. "Born Too Late" gets very close to home with a lot of girls for that reason".

Certainly a timeless song with a universal theme.

Charted at #7 on Billboard Hot 100 in July 1958, #5 on UK Singles chart, and #11 on Billboard R&B chart.

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