Gauntlet Legends (DC) - Mausoleum Part 1

By: SigmaSudou


Uploaded on June 18, 2008 by SigmaSudou Powered by YouTube

Gauntlet Legends; Midway; Dreamcast; Difficulty: Very HardYou are not seeing things. You are not hearing things. You are not seeing the wrong title. This game is indeed Gauntlet Legends and the bonus stage is in fact the Mausoleum (also seen in Gauntlet Dark Legacy.)This video will feature how to get there and my run as a high-leveled Blue Falconess progressing through the stage.There is nothing important to obtain. Just beat up the enemies and find the exit to clear the Mausoleum stage.Since the Mausoleum is quite long, this run will be shown in two parts. This will be the first part. (This video just also happens to be the second of 3 parts of the entire Treasury/Mausoleum run.)Because the difficulty is on the hardest setting (Very Hard), expect to see a lot of enemies and a lot of epic action.Enjoy, rate, and comment.My video response to this video will show part 2 of the Mausoleum run (also known as part 3 of the entire run from the Treasury to the Mausoleum.) Be sure to enjoy that one too.

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