Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial

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-Start off with bare and moisturized skin. Apply Shiseido Control Stick where needed. Simply blend it like you would any stick foundation. Use a concealer where needed and add a sheer foundation.

-Apply WnW Cream as a base and blend with Milani Taupe-Ary. Then add a touch of Milani Rich Chocolate in the crease. Highlight lid and browbone with Cargo Toronto. Don't forget about brows! I used: LM Brunette Pencil, MAC Browning Porcelaine and Isadora gel in Soft Cashmere. Apply Shu 851 in the crease and lower lid and then line the eyes with WnW H20 liquid liner in Black. After curling your lashes (I use the Shu curler) apply as many coats as your lashes can handle.

-For that glowy, berry look, try Cargo Mendocino blush. Apply it lightly, as it's one pigmented blush! For lips: Stuff I used: Borghese liner in Crimson, Guerlain KK l/s in Folie De Grenat, and Avon Glazewear in Real Red. Start lining your lips, you can fill them in if you want. Fill in with the Guerlain l/s, you can use a lip brush for more precise application. If you've applied too much, blot it down. Finish off with the Avon gloss.

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